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Purchase of a real estate

Define your property purchase project
Are you dreaming about your own property in which you will spend several years or a property that you will rent in the future? This is a question you should ask yourself from the start, as the procedures and selection criteria vary depending on the situation. In fact, in the first case everything depends on the people living in the household as well as your particular wishes for garden or balcony, city or country and of course amenities. In the case of a rental investment, the customer and his needs determine your property selection.

Set up your budget
If you know your credit capacity based on various criteria (personal contribution, professional income, expenditure), you can carry out your project in a targeted manner. Your bank will calculate exactly what amount can be allocated to your future project. Do not forget to include costs such as renovation or remodeling work as well as additional fees

Search and find the ideal property
Take a look at various online advertisements and make phone calls with real estate agents to explain your wishes. Multiply the visits to get a precise idea of ​​the prices and the market to optimize your requirements. By creating email notifications of new developments and developing a relationship of trust with a real estate agent, you can be notified more quickly when a property that meets your criteria is available on the market.

Conclude a purchase contract
This is a real contract that requires the signatories to complete the sale at a fixed price before it is the subject of a notarial deed. Of course, the purchase contract is not mandatory, but you risk losing the purchase option. It mentions the type of property and often includes clauses that postpone the sale, such as granting a bank loan. Failure to comply with a sales contract has legal implications (penalty clause).

Get your loan offer
Get the best combination for your mortgage with the help of your bank advisor. Fixed, variable or revisable interest rate, repayment period … it takes about a month to approve the mortgage.

Sign your purchase certificate
As soon as the loan agreement is ready for signature by both parties, the notary reads all the information again before the seller hands you the keys to your new property when you sign the deed of purchase.